As the Global Director of Human Performance and Strategic Initiatives Construct Education, I focus on the alignment between our teams personal development and the strategic intent of the business.  By aligning these 2 elements, we have the greatest possible chance of ensuring our people are happy and thriving, doing what they do best, while achieving what we as a company intend. 


This includes

  • Being a business leader, strategic decision-maker, with the ability to influence the thinking of others, and strong negotiation skills;

  • Brining 20+ years experience in education, technology and entrepreneurship, including building and selling a successful EdTech business;

  • Resolving operational and strategic issues, where the optimal solution may not be immediately apparent, and information is diverse, partial and perhaps conflicting;

  • Aligning teams around business objectives, setitng up efficient agile systems and driving excellence;

  • Managing resources and budget, on a company-wide scale;

  • Bringing professional, research-based and applied experience of andragogy and pedagogy to the design of digital programmes across corporates, universities, government and civil societies, globally.


International Exposure


Seth Godin’s altMBA


The altMBA is an intensive, 4-week online workshop designed by Seth Godin for high-performing individuals who want to level up and lead.

I was part of the inaugural 100 students world-wide.



I have attended 2 TED Global conferences, which is "a journey into the future in the company of those creating it."






Monocle – keeping an eye and an ear on the world.





University of Auckland: MBA

Practical Hands-on Business Experience

Over the past nearly 2 decades I have been the co-founder and manager of the following businesses:


Letsatsi Learning Solutions - An entrepreneurship and financial literacy training college, designed and built to help disadvantaged adults gain a foot-up in their economic life.


Tool Share Studio -  Johannesburg's first Maker Space.


Fruits and Roots (now called Fresh Earth Food store) - A vegetarian restaurant and health food store;


Alladin - A custom designed and developed online learning platform designed to deliver online learning to corporate clients.



As part of Letsatsi I designed and led a mentorship programme assisting over 600 entrepreneurs start and then grow their own businesses.


‘I run a property development and management business.  My challenge was to diversify revenue streams given the slow-down due to political and economic factors.  I contacted Meg and together we worked through the Business Model Canvas.  This helped me to identify other areas that I could utilize to generate cash flow, and to grow revenue. We have now used these ideas to implement structural changes to our business model.’

Stuart Norman, Norprop Investments