How I Work.

Using a process that I have developed and streamlined over nearly 15 years, I will work with you to analyze what your business or performance problem is, identify ways to solve the problem, and then test strategies that work. 


Once we have established that training is necessary, then I will work with you to identify the best delivery mechanism for the training - online, blended, in person, large lectures etc.  Work then starts on developing material that will suit your needs and result in a measurable improvement in the desired outcome. 

I don't just focus on the training aspect however, since the training will fit into a larger business context.  As a serial entrepreneur with years of business experience I am able to have a look at your business as a whole, and suggest possible solutions for broader business problems. 


Together we will map your current value proposition and business model.  We then identify possible areas for development and test possible solutions.  This stage is specifically designed to reduce unnecessary risk - find out what doesn't work before you start. Once we have the results, we work together to develop a plan of action that you can then implement going forward.


After an initial meeting, should you decide to go ahead, we embark on a shared journey to achieve whatever outcomes we design.


Typically we have meetings as follows:

  1. AS IS: Assess your performance problem, value proposition and/or business design as it currently is;

  2. WHAT IF? and TESTING:  Systematically brainstorm blue sky ideas, scenarios, what if's... then develop and test assumptions to de-risk up front;

  3. ACTION PLAN: Design interventions that will produce the desired changes and solutions in the most effective way possible;

  4. IMPLEMENTATION:  Work with you to deliver the solution as necessary.

How can I help?

1. I have a business problem that I need help solving

I started, grew and sold 4 businesses in the education and technology space.  Through that process I developed a methodology that I now use to help other clients solve problems and grow.


Using my process we will assess where your value proposition and business model currently stand.  We get creative about new ideas and possibilities, design tests to check assumptions, and develop a strategy plan for you to implement going forward.


I will then be available for as-needed advice or mentoring as you implement the strategy, receive feedback from the market, and iterate.

2. I have a performance problem that I need help solving.

Most business problems are linked to a performance problem, and I will help you discover what the situation is.  I will then design activities that will solve the performance problem - yielding specific and measurable results.


The solution could include a series of practice activities, a combination of various types of training (including online learning), or suggested changes to the organisation. 

3. I have content that I need turned into an effective, engaging course.

I have extensive experience in designing and delivering online learning to members of large corporate organizations.  I am able to work with your subject matter experts to design training that is effective, engaging and solves a particular performance problem.

It is able to link with existing learner management systems, or stand alone.

Let's Talk.

14th floor Touchstone House, 7 Bree Street, Cape Town, 8001

Tel: +27 82 951 4977

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