Expanding the Value Proposition

November 13, 2017


Slow Life Café


A detailed look at the brand and it’s value proposition led to the development of a whole new (related) offering.


The Slow Life brand stands for a specific set of values, including the care of the environment, the building of community and the embracing of the old-school vibe.  They collaborated with a local bakery to use the bakery space in the evenings as a live music venue.  The bakery benefitted by increasing it’s brand exposure, as well as being able to sell a limited array of dinner items and drinks to guests, and were paid a percentage of the takings.


Business was going well, but owner Paul wanted to expand his value proposition.  He had developed a loyal following of people who loved what he stood for. 


We conducted a deep and broad analysis of his customers, the current value proposition, and jobs, pains and gains that he had not previously identified or addressed.


Through this process he came up with the idea of a Slow Life ‘Cinema at the Bakery’.  This would provide him the opportunity to offer a unique gain, as well as pull in new customers who were attracted to the brand, but not necesserily the music.  We set about designing a strategy to test the hypothesis which he could use to inform his decisions going forward.


By sticking firmly to his values, and using them to guide his strategy, he was able to tap into and add value to a whole new market.


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